Patrick Rodgers
1954 - 2021
Patrick Rodgers
Visitation Information
Sunday May 2, 2021
Visitation Time
From Noon - 5pm
Visitation Location
Please drop in at Dawson International Air Strip at the Rodgers’
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Patrick Rodgers, 67, of Dawson Settlement moved on to greener pastures April 24, 2021. He lived his life fearlessly and sometimes precariously (he did all his own stunts). Pat pushed the limits in everything he did and cause of death could easily have been by one of his hobbies: motorcycle, race car, plane, heavy machinery tipping, working with little regard for his own safety, getting run over by his wife (this only happened once so not technically a hobby), and other opportunities that Pat may have chosen to keep to himself… but after everything, it was a sneaky, rare cancer that got him almost as suddenly as any of the above.

He was born in 1954, to Fred and Joan and grew up in Upper Coverdale where he learned farming, blacksmithing and how to make do with little. He went on to live a life founded on earning everything he got with hard work.

He married Shelley (MacDonald) in 1976 and they had Mike, Rachael, and Jesse. Pat and Shelley built a beautiful log home on a hillside in the Albert County woods where they raised their family and built their business from the ground up (the home, the family, and the business). Pat’s enthusiasm for life was contagious, most of all to his children, who were raised to be ambitious, independent, strong-willed, moral, to always question, consider, see the humour in things, learn, get better, and make a positive difference.

Pat’s demeanour was jolly and humble; his default attire was work clothes unless he was going to a wedding or a funeral. He was a brilliant mechanic, a CNR machinist, a welder, a pilot, and a businessman "with a soul" (always an important distinction for Pat). He was a man of firm integrity and great humour. He encouraged all to seek adventure, look for solutions, and think big. His most character-building businesses included Rodgers Machine Shop, Riverglade Speedway, and Rodgers Apartment Rentals. 

Pat’s passions included racing, riding his motorcycle, taking any adventure seekers for flights, innovating, working smart and working hard at the same time, teasing and challenging the ones he loved, sharing thoughts and ideas over coffees and lunches, and piloting grand adventures in his Cessna with his wife. He learned to fly in his "spare time" and has landed at and taken off from 118 air strips across the country (and one frozen lake). He spoke in wisdom found in his favourite westerns and poker games. Pat leaves an array of cherished friends who brought him much joy throughout all parts of his life. He was always happy for a phone call or a visit and made new friends everywhere he went.

Pat is survived by Shelley, Mike (Sara Wang), Rachael (Mike Halprin), Jesse (Janet Wilbur), grandchildren: Skyler, Orion, Sage, Ember, and siblings: Robert and Sandra. His parents, brothers: Glyn and Terry, many friends, and dogs: Duke, Cookie, and Billy are waiting for him in greener pastures.

Please drop in at Dawson International Air Strip at the Rodgers’ Sunday, May 2 from Noon-5 to share memories of Pat’s adventures.