What is prearrangement or a funeral pre-planning?

A prearrangement is the planning of funeral service, memorial service, celebration of life or even a basic cremation service before the need arises.


When we face the loss of a loved one, we feel lost and alone no matter how many family and friends are with us. We cannot seem to focus on anything for long, and it seems unreal. There is an overwhelming sense of not knowing what to do next.

We know there are decisions to be made, but any decision seems more of fear that we will not remember everything or we will do it wrong.

You can trust your funeral directors at Tuttle Brothers Riverview Funeral Home & Crematorium to take care of the important details. They are here for you. They will look after putting together any plans you might want for your loved one.

The funeral should be a time for healing, not a time to worry. We are committed to arranging a meaningful funeral tribute to suit the needs of your family.

At Tuttle Brothers & Riverview Funeral Home & Crematorium we offer prearrangement consultation free of charge and with no obligation.

The Benefits of Planning Ahead

Pre-planning your funeral will make certain that your choices are respected and carried out, without leaving your family to wonder what your wishes might have been.

You also have the option of paying for your funeral in advance. This guarantees today's prices on services and merchandise, no matter when the death occurs.

At Tuttle Brothers & Riverview Funeral Home & Crematorium, you will be protected from the effects of inflation on funeral costs over time.

We offer payment plan options that suits every budget. You can pay your prearrangement upfront or make monthly payments over a period of time. This method has a safety net built into the payment plan so that if a death occurs before the payments are completed, the whole cost is looked after and the family is protected. Everybody is accepted. If you have a pre-existing condition, your full coverage starts after a period of twenty-four months.

All your payments are safely placed in a guaranteed trust account managed and underwritten by Assurant Life of Canada until services are needed. Assurant is a Canadian financial institution, and a leader in prearranged funerals and final expenses.

Ease the financial and emotional strain on your family members and executor when you die. Talk to our staff and arrange for an appointment where you can ask questions and discuss everything in detail.

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